Why SpecialMe?

At Special Me, we believe that children are active constructors of their own knowledge, exploring and initiating their own learning based on natural curiosity. Children learn best from other children, particularly in a multi-age setting. Teachers at The SM facilitate children’s learning and problem solving by providing hands-on exploration and inspiring exploration and curiosity within a rich learning environment. By providing authentic materials and props, children are encouraged to explore freely. This child directed exploration develops confident and independent children.

1Customized Curriculum.

2Extra curricular activities.

3Children friendly environment.

4Creative play-way, fun way and Montessori methods.

5Exercises, Yoga & Meditation.

6Education with new technology.

7Regular health check-ups.

8Regular interaction with parents.


10Well trained maids.

11Healthy student-teacher ratio.

12Trained, experienced, friendly faculty.

13Kind aesthetic guidelines.

14Hygienic environment.

15Transport facility.

16Pure drinking water.

17Excursions / picnics.

18Affordable fee-structure.

19Admissions throughout the year.

20Regular feedback sessions with parents.

21CCTV surveillance.

22Environment,health and safety (EHS).

23Whatsapp group to keep you updated your child activities.

24Open play area.

25Attach washroom in all classes.

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